Shisha Charcoal

You might not have given it much thought, but what goes into making shisha coals is extremely important. Have you ever smoked shisha at a friend’s house or hookah bar and copped a massive headache or strange buzzing sensation while smoking? It was probably caused by instant-light or quick-light charcoal which contains nasty chemicals to get the shisha coal burning quickly.

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There are also many hookah coal brands that use cheap fillers like wood and sawdust to minimise production costs, which can release unpleasant odours when burnt that change the taste of the shisha tobacco. One way to tell the quality of the coal someone is using is to check the colour when it is lit: whiter coals burn hotter and indicate cheap fillers and chemicals, whereas browner coals more likely contain only premium ingredients. Whichever coal you choose for your hookah, make sure that it’s made from 100 natural materials, ideally coconut shells. Coconut shell charcoal provides an odourless and tasteless burn so you can savour 100 of the shisha flavour, plus a long and consistent burn.


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