Brand Name: copy A
Model Number: 006
Product Name: A4 Paper
Color: White Color
Packing: 500sheets /ream 5Ream/box
Type: A4 Printer Paper
Whiteness: 102-104% 106-110%
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A4 copy paper is a standard size of paper used for printing and copying documents. It measures 210 millimeters by 297 millimeters, which is equivalent to 8.27 inches by 11.69 inches. A4 size is commonly used in many countries around the world, except for the United States and Canada, where the Letter size (8.5 inches by 11 inches) is more prevalent. A4 copy paper is known for its versatility and compatibility with various printers and copiers. It is widely used in offices, schools, and homes for printing documents, letters, reports, presentations, and other materials. The paper is usually white or off-white and comes in different weights, such as 70 grams per square meter (gsm), 80 gsm, or 90 gsm. The weight refers to the thickness and quality of the paper, with higher gsm indicating a thicker and sturdier sheet. When purchasing A4 copy paper, you can find it in reams or boxes containing a specific quantity of sheets. The most common quantity is 500 sheets per ream, but larger quantities like 1,000 or 2,500 sheets are also available. Additionally, there are options for recycled or eco-friendly A4 copy paper, which are made from post-consumer waste or sustainably sourced materials.


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